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Create a centralised command for your business with our best-in class marketplace integrations.


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Contact Less QR Menu

User scans the QR code on the table using their phone.

User can browse's the menu without downloading any app

The staff takes the order like you would normally do.

QR Menu For Ordering & Payment

User scans the QR code on the table or in the room using their phone.

User can browse's the menu without downloading any app

User chooses items and adds them to their cart.

PeClick FAQ's

A restaurant digital menu is an online menu system that is replacing traditional paper menus in the restaurant industry. It makes use of a phone or tablet to display menu items, menu description, and their prices. The digital menu allows for realtime changes, and also provides attractive & engaging features such as chef recommendations and promotions to elevate customer experience.

Restaurants require a Digital Menu for several reasons such as:

  1. Enhanced customer experience: Digital menus are a great way to customize the dining experience and help drive repeat visits. They are also quicker and more interactive than traditional menus, which can help reduce waiting time and improve the overall image of a restaurant.
  2. Increased convenience: Digital menus make it easier for customers to view and interact with menu items, descriptions, and prices, reducing the time and effort required to navigate a traditional paper menu.
  3. Easy customization: Digital menus allow restaurants to easily update and customize their menus, including editing images, descriptions, and promotions, to create a unique and engaging experience for customers.
  4. Increased brand exposure: A restaurant digital menu like PeClick’s can be connected with social media platforms and WhatsApp, providing additional opportunities for restaurants to increase their brand exposure and send customized digital campaigns.
  5. Environmentally-friendly: By reducing the use of paper, digital menus help restaurants adopt more environmentally friendly practices and reduce the impact on environment.
  • Simplicity: Easy to use, Easy to learn Easy to manage.
  • Innovation: Proper Research, Analysis and Development.
  • Support: 24x7 on-call & on-field support Live training sessions.
  • Integrations: Directly integrate 20+ services with PeClick.

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